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The author, Stella Fae Bliss, observes a male and female doll having sex in a unique fantasy setting.
Photo by Zorab Ovseypyan and Stella Bliss

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Advice on Sex, Dating & Relationships



Take It Back #1: Reclaiming Your Desire to Have Sex After a Breakup

After my divorce the thought of sleeping with someone new made me cringe. This is the story of how broke through that mental block and reclaimed my sexuality. In it, I also share thoughts to help others who’ve lost their desire after a breakup. People can come and go from our lives, but we don’tn have to let sex, sexuality, and physical pleasure go with them.


Ode to Tinder: How a Dating App Taught Me to Love Being Single

Emerging from a fourteen-year relationship into the strange new world of dating apps changed everything I knew about dating. This post outlines the unexpected ways in which Tinder eased my transition into single life. It’s a funny thing when something meant to facilitate coupling gives the confidence to go it alone. This post may forever alter the way you think about dating apps.


Alone in the Apocalypse: How I found True Love During COVID

In the era of COVID and social distancing being single equates to being alone. This chronicles my journey through deep depression and loneliness and how I eventually regained my confidence and independence. I tell this story to bring others that are flying solo through the pandemic hope

Photography Credit: Zorab Ovsepyan
Photography Credit: Zorab Ovsepyan

Zorab Ovsepyan, of Cinema Detour Films, is a cinematographer/photographer based in Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California. With nearly two decades of experience honing his craft he can execute any creative vision. He is a true artist and professional, and he helped bring Stella in Datingland to life. Click the link above to view his portfolio. Click the contact button to get in touch.

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